Feng Shui

Feng shui is a millenary knowledge that, applied in the correct way, brings in life quality, prosperity and harmony to human beings.

If you want your house to become a home, were the different spaces bring in harmony, vitality and support your personal and professional development, o that your business’s clients increase in number and quality, is the moment to apply Feng Shui.

Pablo Rico decided two decades ago to apply the authentic classic Chinese Feng shui principles in architecture, urbanism and interior design, with the objective of helping people and companies to achieve their objectives, as many successful examples accredit.

The excellence of our consults is the result of focussing in the necessities of each person and years of preparation and learning with the best international masters, of the investigation for Seville’s university certified with the doctorate in architecture and the experience of numerous successful cases in consults and architecture projects, interior design and urbanism wich can be proven.

The benefit that Feng Shui can bring in to your life is an increase in your vital energy so that you can develop the different daily activities with more determination, balance, health and wealth, achieving, in a much more direct way, growth and prosperity in the different areas of your life.

Life quality, prosperity and harmony

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