Qi (Chi): Vital Energy

Gong (Kung): Art of handling

Qi is the energy that makes us able to walk and talk, to work and have fun, to think, visualise and analyse all the quotidian activities.

It is also the energy that transforms the aliments we intake, the air we breathe, that moves the blood and muscles, that fights against malicious microorganisms, that transmits the messages from the brain to the diverse organs and tissue, and makes other innumerable functions in our body to maintain us alive.

QI GONG is a practice indicated to improve our physical, mental and spiritual form so that we can enjoy health, wellness and harmony.

Each person, with a correctly directed and structured effort by professionals, can accomplish the goal of having more vital energy, mental clearness and a better emotional equilibrium with the Qi Gong practice.

Obtaining this, you will be able to adopt a correct attitude to affront life’s challenges, make the correct decisions to have a happy life in constant progress and improvement.

When you have health, interior force and mental equilibrium, Qi Gong is also a magnificent practice for spiritual development.

The Qui Gong that Pablo Rico practices and teaches its directed to develop and increase vital energy and it’s especially indicated to improve our health and develop a much bigger inner force.

Pablo Rico received his first lessons from the Master Wong Kiew Kit, formed himself in Qi Gong with Alain Baudet (Harmony Tao) and received teachings of Sun Jun Qing and John Merlin King.

He is also trained in Tai Ji (Tai Chi Chuan) with the masters William C.C. Chen, Luis Molera and Maria Jesus González.

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